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Keane Under The Iron Sea Deluxe Edition Rar

Keane Under The Iron Sea Deluxe Edition Rar: A Review of the Bonus Tracks and Extras

If you are a fan of Keane, you might be interested in getting their second studio album, Under The Iron Sea, in its deluxe edition. This edition includes a bonus disc with four extra tracks and a live performance of the song Atlantic. But is it worth it? Here is a review of what you can expect from Keane Under The Iron Sea Deluxe Edition Rar.

Keane Under The Iron Sea Deluxe Edition Rar

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What is Under The Iron Sea?

Under The Iron Sea is the second album by Keane, a British alternative rock band that consists of Tom Chaplin (vocals), Tim Rice-Oxley (keyboards) and Richard Hughes (drums). The album was released in 2006 and received critical acclaim and commercial success. It reached number one in the UK and Ireland, and number four in the US. It also won two Brit Awards for Best British Album and Best British Group.

The album is known for its dark and atmospheric sound, influenced by bands like Radiohead, Coldplay and U2. It explores themes of alienation, loneliness, depression and global issues. Some of the most popular songs from the album are Is It Any Wonder?, Nothing In My Way, Crystal Ball and A Bad Dream.

What are the bonus tracks and extras?

The deluxe edition of Under The Iron Sea includes a bonus disc with four additional tracks: Let It Slide, He Used To Be A Lovely Boy, Thin Air and The Iron Sea (Magic Shop Version). These tracks were previously released as B-sides or on special editions of singles. They are not very different from the main album in terms of style and mood, but they offer some more variety and depth to the overall listening experience.

The bonus disc also features a live performance of Atlantic recorded at ULU in London on May 5th, 2006. This is a rare opportunity to hear one of the most epic and emotional songs from the album in a live setting. The performance captures the intensity and passion of Keanes music and showcases Chaplins powerful vocals.

Is it worth it?

If you are a die-hard fan of Keane, you might want to get the deluxe edition of Under The Iron Sea to complete your collection and enjoy some more of their music. The bonus tracks and extras are not essential, but they are nice to have and add some value to the package. However, if you are not very familiar with Keane or you already have the standard edition of the album, you might not need to get the deluxe edition. You can still enjoy the main album without missing out on much.


Keane Under The Iron Sea Deluxe Edition Rar is a great option for fans who want to get more out of their second album. It includes four bonus tracks and a live performance that enhance the original album and showcase Keanes talent and versatility. However, it is not a must-have for casual listeners or those who already own the standard edition. You can decide for yourself if it is worth it based on your preferences and budget. c481cea774


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