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Groin Tarasov

Download Minecraft Comes Alive Here

After you downloaded the image in a png format, you can also change the format from the dropdown menu when you click download, chances are png is the recommended format. Then download it, save it as pack.png (You can also just change the name in the box of the words, tip. Its defaulted to as "untitled design" until you add words then the words will become that.) Once you finished saving it, drop it (or save it in the directory as the resource pack folder, I have my minecraft menu pinned to my quick access so I can go in and leave.) in your folder. It should appear shortly in the file. Both the pack.png and pack.mcmeta must be in the folder NOT in assets, or deeper, it must be in assets itself.

Download Minecraft Comes Alive Here

Download Zip:

You can always change to a later version of minecraft. When you open minecraft at the bottom left corner it should show a drop bar click it and from there click edit and change the version from 1.8 to like 1.7. Let me know if it worked for you

For anyone complaining that its not working,just in case,you need to follow all the steps,there are 3,one to download minecraft forge,2 to download radix core,its in the steps,and for the last download the mod

Comes Alive Mod for Minecraft 1.18.1 and 1.18.2, This is a remake of the old mod called MCA (Minecraft comes alive) because the creator of the original mod is not going to update it, he has given permissions to a number of developers who have updated it with almost all its features.

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