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Websites To Buy Stuff

We accept most gently-loved items that are clean and in working order (i.e. not damaged, unsafe or recalled). We do not accept clothing, shoes, car seats or stuffed animals. Read more on acceptable items here.

websites to buy stuff

But this is not your only local buy and sell website option. There are plenty of other sites where you can post classified ads, sell used stuff, or buy second-second products. Some don't even require a user account.

Snap a photo and publish it to sell your stuff. To buy stuff, type the keywords and filter by location, category, and price, or through a map. This community-powered marketplace allows you to get a feel of the people you're dealing with through their social profiles.

Most listings are pretty basic, resembling the classified ads you'd see in a newspaper. Depending on your preferences, you can either browse by category or use the search bar to find used stuff, local services, or rental properties. There is also the option to filter the results by location.

Think of this platform as a one-stop-shop for used stuff, local events, jobs, cars, and real estate. There's also a section called Community where you can find babysitters, musicians, tutors, and other service providers. The website accepts paid ads from local and national retailers, making it easier to find what you need when you need it.

eBay is one of the oldest and most popular places to buy used second-hand stuff. You can not only buy directly from sellers but also bid on auctions smartly. Use the Advanced Search filter and select Used to narrow down on the used items for sale. Also, use the Location filters to find great deals near your home.

Craigslist is bare bones. Several alternatives have found a home in mobile apps because it's easier to click, upload, and list the stuff you want to sell online. So, pick one that reaches the largest audience or has a thriving community. Even selling internationally is no longer difficult.

In this digital era, you can take your pick from social shopping apps and many niche apps that list just a few categories, such as used cars or electronics. Whether you want to buy used stuff, sell your old gadgets, or find local contractors, everything you need is one click away.

Select reviewed 10 resale apps and websites, looking at fees, usability and buyer/seller protections. Our favorites had low fees and an intuitive interface that allows for easy buying and selling (see our methodology). Here are our top five favorites if you're looking to sell your belongings online.

Before the advent of the internet and ecommerce, yard sales and newspapers were the only places where you could sell your stuff without owning a storefront. Now, with all of the different selling websites and apps available, anybody can make extra cash selling just about anything, without having to leave their house.

When it comes to creating your own website to sell your stuff, Shopify has got to be one of the easiest to use and most trusted. As of November 2022, more than four million sites were using Shopify to run their operations.

Facebook has partnered with online selling platforms, such as Shopify, to facilitate online merchant presence on Marketplace. Shopify users can sell stuff locally while managing inventory on a familiar back end.

Beyond being a neighborhood forum, Nextdoor also provides a free forum for selling your stuff online. Like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, there are no listing or membership fees, but you do have to meet your buyer and make the exchange in person.

For really trendy and cool dorm stuff, look no further than the Urban Outfitters home goods department. They have a wide range of furniture, decor, bedding, and bath products you can get for your dorm room.

Additionally, some merchants will have information about the communities they represent, and their brand values below their business name on their profiles. If a business self-identifies as being at least 51% owned by an under-represented group, you might see their community listed. You might also see their brand values listed. Merchants can select and add brand values to their profile only after their websites have been reviewed.

Online stores like Amazon, are the best place to find great gifts for your loved ones. However, if your friend is a geek by heart then you might be interested in getting something unique. And for that unique gift, you should raid through some geeky online stores. Whether you want to buy geek stuff for yourself or gift it to your genius friend, there are many online geek stores that can please you.

Though, not entirely a geek website, but it has an awesome section for geeks. You can find many little gadgets and toys inspired by movies and games. It lists awesome stuff from Star Wars, Doctor Who, Batman, Pokemon, Star Trek and many other that will surely force you to take out your wallet.

DealeXtreme has a great collection of gadgets and electronics along with a little focus on home products, clothing, and accessories. However, what makes it so special is its astonishingly low rates. There is even a $0.99 section where you can find some cool stuff just under $0.99.

Another good website to find cool merchandise inspired by video games and comics. Most of the items here related to characters from Marvel and DC comics, but you can also get your hands on stuff inspired by movies such as Star Wars or Games such as Skyrim.

DIY geek stuff offered by geeks to the geeks. At Makeshed, Geek can sell their DIY creations to other geeks who are interested. You can find robots, drones, 3D printed stuff, toys and even DIY electronic kits/tools.

If you are looking for something related to popular superheroes, you can find it here. You can easily get clothes, accessories or toys for your favorite superhero. There is stuff for over 80 superheroes, so there is a good chance your favorite superhero will be listed here.

Interesting that Bud's Gun Shop was not on the list. I've ordered from them many times and never had a problem. I would consider them in the top five and not above Brownells. I find Brownells to be higher on their prices than others. PSA is good but they never seem to have the stuff in stock when I am looking for what I want. I have ordered from them and no problem there either except once when some ammo wasn't packaged very well. Looked like it was just thrown in a box with a piece of brown paper that did nothing for protection. Someone that obviously was in too much of a hurry to get a shipment out. Never ordered anything from the others. I have been to a Sportsman's Warehouse and their prices were higher than other gun stores in my area, and not much of a selection. A gun I did want was not in stock, only the display model. The guns behind the counter were helpful but, like I said, their prices were higher. Anyway, give Bud's Gun Shop a try. I don't work for them just mentioning it here if anyone interested.

Great selection, guys! However, it seems as if you're not truly familiar with GunBroker! ('Scuse me if someone already mentioned this.) *grins*Sort By "Price: Low to High" in the top right dropdown, then scroll down on the left and click the "Buy Now" button. NOW you'll see the items (most of 'em) at their no BS-ing around price.After looking at the best-priced, blue-starred, "top-listed" stuff, be SURE to go down past them and consider the lowest-priced ones without the blue star. The prices start low again!I didn't figure this out at first and missed guns/stuff further down the pages that were sometimes cheaper than the featured ones! Ex: Basic 10/22, p. 1, - $249Same weapon, p. 3 - $239Hope that helps out. *smiles*

Hi there. First, I do NOT work for GB, why would you say that? I've simply used them as one of many sites to buy weapons and related stuff. I was just pointing out that GB isn't purely an auction site. I always search under the "Buy Now" option.I'm not sure why GB or a particular seller wanted all of that info from you. I've never gone through that and wouldn't if they asked for it. If you don't like them, don't use them for anything more than comparing prices and sizing up the market. Lately I've added GunsInternational to my list of sites. Try them as well.

Or maybe you're just looking to downsize and declutter. I can understand that too. Decluttering seems to be an ongoing project around my house. No matter how much stuff we get rid of, there always seems to be more.

True story: I went on a two-week trip and realized a few days in that I did not pack enough stuff. I wanted more options but I did not want to blow my budget. I went straight to Old Navy and picked up what I needed for less than $100. 041b061a72


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