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Where Can I Buy Oxford Shirts

Arthur & Henry sources its organic cotton from the Chetna Organic group in Telangana, India, and ensures its suppliers follow the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code. Not only that, it produces a Fairtrade Organic certified shirt and transports its shirts from the tailors in India to distribution in the UK by using compostable biodegradable poly-bags. This pink Oxford is perfect for everyday wear in the office or just out-and-about. Find the collection in sizes S-XL.

where can i buy oxford shirts


Made from 100% breathable organic cotton, this dark green Oxford features a front pocket, button-down collar, and back pleat. CARPASUS is a Swiss menswear brand that makes fine shirts, ties, socks, and pocket squares. CARPASUS uses GOTS certified cotton and manufactures locally to reduce its carbon footprint. It also traces its supply chain and ensures workers are paid a living wage. Find most products in EU sizes 36-46.

What should you look for in the best men's dress shirts? Quality, for one thing. Dashing good looks, for another. And price, of course. While we here at GQ have been known to champion the occasional $600 dress shirt fashioned in a centuries-old Parisian atelier, we're also fans of the other kind of dress shirt: the standby, everyday shirts that help you smarten up without breaking the bank. We're talking that soft poplin button-up you like to layer under a Barbour on weekends or the crisp gingham number you can rock with a blazer and silk knit tie to your niece's bat-mitzvah.

Below, you'll find 19 of the best men's dress shirts worth buying in bulk, each and every one of them clocking in under $75. (Bonus points if you nab one on sale!) If you're looking to re-up on a few reliable nine-to-five workhorses, all while saving some cash in the process, here's where to start.

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New York-based menswear startup Proper Cloth makes outstanding online custom dress shirts. Provided you are willing to take the time to get your fit right, you will wind up with durable, stylish and well-fitting dress shirts.

Founded by serial British entrepreneur Nicholas Wheeler in 1986, Charles Tyrwhitt is famous for its 4 shirts for $199 deal, which works out to just under $50 per dress shirt. Their shirts have held up exceptionally well for me over the years. (I prefer their extra slim fit, as even the regular slim fit can be blousey.)

The Seattle-based retailer has a large selection of affordable dress shirts for men from their own Nordstrom label as well as from brands like Bonobos, Brooklyn Brigade, English Laundry, Eton, Norse Projects, Rhone, Suitsupply, Ted Baker, Theory, and W.R.K.

Tie Bar makes more than just ties. Founded in 2004, the Chicago-based brand carries affordable but stylish clothing and accessories for men, including a nice selection of dress shirts. (In fact, Tie Bar is a surprisingly-terrific destination for a range of very affordable business casual outfits for men.)

I like that Tie Bar carries a range of basic building blocks, including a nice variety of white shirts (think pinpoint, oxford, herringbone, and textured non-iron), as well as a large selection of colorful patterned and striped button downs.

Brooks Brothers offers a versatile selection of dress shirts for men in 6 different fits including extra-slim, fitted, classic, relaxed and big-and-tall. They also offer a variety of fabrics that dictate price points, from BrooksCool to the Brooks Brothers Luxury Collection to the Golden Fleece collection. Prices range from $69.50 for a Milano slim fit dress shirt to $225 per shirt for the Golden Fleece collection.

Batch specializes in utility shirts. Traditionally, utility shirts are more casual, with a two front pocket design. Batch has a dressed-up line-up of work utility shirts featuring premium materials that could be appropriate for a business casual environment.

Their shirts feature an innovative fit system: Choose from 12 unique options that combine size (tall, average or short) with fit (skinny, slim, athletic or broad) that get you close to a custom fit. (My fit is short and slim, and it really does fit better than off-the-rack shirts.) Their fit system makes it one of the best dress shirts for an athletic build. Professional shirts from $85.

There are countless other online custom tailors who can make made-to-measure dress shirts. Choose from brands including Alton Lane, Apposta, Blank Label, Deo Veritas (see my interview with founder Vinnie Sikka), Hockerty, Indochino, Knot Standard and Lanieri, an Italian startup that delivers custom suits (and shirts) using premium fabrics.

Based in Newark, NJ, the High Bar Shirt Company was a family-owned company that had been making shirts since 1933. The company was known for providing made-to-measure shirts for former MLB and NFL stars and broadcasters including Howie Long and David Ortiz. Sadly, the High Bar Shirt Company closed, another casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic that has rocked retail and fashion.

Mizzen and Main is well-known for its performance fabric clothing. It makes a wide range of performance dress shirts for men that feature a quick dry tech fabric made of an 85% Polyester 85% and 15% Spandex 15% blend. Shirts from $125.

Steven Fisher and Lee Moffie founded State and Liberty after meeting at the University of Michigan. They specialize in athletic-fit dress shirts and other professional performance wear made from technical fabrics. Their $90 Springer Solid White Performance Dress Shirt looks crisp and clean.

The resulting shirt is slightly thick and stiff, but still soft enough to wear on a daily basis. Traditional dress shirts typically have a herringbone weave and a bit more sheen to the shirt, while Oxfords feature a box weave and are more matte.

Reviews for the Charles Tyrwhitt Washed Oxford are generally positive, with reviewers noting the soft feel, quality construction, and ease of movement in these shirts. The only negative review I could find had to do with inconsistent sizing, but these complaints were few and far between.

These Oxfords come in a small variety of pastel colors and styles so you can get the classic Oxford experience. As the name suggests, these shirts are meant for casual and smart casual situations. You could probably get away with throwing a sport coat on top, but there are better Oxfords in this article for more formal environments.

These Oxfords have overwhelmingly positive reviews, with several reviewers saying the shirts are T-shirt comfortable in a business-ready package. Other common sentiments highlighted the soft texture and easy laundering of the shirt.

Rounding out our top Oxford shirts is another legendary American clothier, Ralph Lauren. The aptly named Iconic Oxford shirt takes all the classic elements of an Oxford button-down and slightly modernizes them to include bold colors and slim fit cuts.

According to the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute, a good dress shirt should last for 35-50 washings, which is 1-2 years, depending on frequency of use. Oxfords tend to last slightly longer due to the thick cloth, so an Oxford shirt should last anywhere from 2-3 years.

Soft (unfused) details help maintain the easygoing vibe of an oxford shirt. A traditional oxford shirt will almost always have a soft button down collar, soft front placket, and soft one-button cuff. We designed our Soft Ivy Button Down Collar and Wide Front Placket to add that classic bit of personality the oxford shirt is known for. And while the original OCBD design is iconic, you can tweak it however you like to match your personal style.

Historically, oxford shirts have been made with a more "generous," boxy cut favored by the traditional American brands of old. More room to move is appealing to many, but these days lots of guys like their oxfords with a tailored fit. We allow you to increase or decrease any of the dimensions of your saved size for a custom oxford that fits just the way you like it.

In the golden age of oxford shirts you would really only find white, light blue, a few pastel colors, and a handful of basic stripes. These days there are some incredible riffs on the classic weave. Dark saturated colors, subtle melange styles, and dynamic stripes are perfect for those who love their OCBDs but want to try something different.

Job number one for an undershirt is sweat management. Undershirts are like an NBA Towel Boy (those kids at the end of the court who wipe the floor when the ball is at the other end of the court), their main purpose is to move sweat off of the court. Just the same, undershirts keep sweat off of your dress shirts. This is especially important when the summer months arrive and you want to save your dress shirt (and you) from looking like you walked through a water park. Any undershirt can soak up sweat, but the better undershirts wick sweat away from your body. This is even better as when your undershirt wicks, it keeps moisture away from your body, allowing it to evaporate faster. In turn, this helps keep you cool and keeps your dress shirts dry. The result? No river of sweat running down the back of your dress shirts and no sweaty pits.

Does anyone have any suggestions for acquiring quality undershirts in Canada? Would a three pack from Wal-Mart be worth acquiring? This article has really sold me on the topic, but unfortunately none of the suggestions are available in Canada (at least without paying truly exorbitant shipping).

"During the years that Kamakura have been producing the Vintage Ivy shirt collections there has never been a blue oxford-cloth, button-down shirt. However, this genuine favourite has pride of place in the latest collection,...." 041b061a72


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