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Israel Biryukov
Israel Biryukov

Download File V.E.L.E. - Spirit Of Fix

You can also download all of the above audios through BitTorrent which is best method for downloading. Use any BitTorrent program like uTorrent and download the Akhand Path torrent file.

Download File V.E.L.E. - Spirit of

Gurmustak Singh Ji, Can you please put these files in a torrent form also?? Because here in Kenya, we dont have that much fast and reliable internet connections. I am trying to download these files since last three days, but net connectivity breaks in the middle :( I have also tried to use download manager, but it says that "server does not provide resume capabilty". So, can you please put all these files on seperate torrents? I will, for sure, seed it as long as possible.

hi MrsikhnetI am going to seed this torrent on 1gb line as long as I could ( 700mb downlaods in about 5 mins depending on downloader's connection). and with you permission I can upload these files to my server also. I have lots of bandwidth available that I can spare for downloading to help you. These multi server clouds are on 1gb lines so are very fast This is will be Seva.please contact me at [email protected] and let me know if this is ok

1. Download program from 2. Then download the Akhand Path torrent file. This should prompt to open in the newly installed uTorrent program. Once it is loaded in iin uTorrent then it wills tart to download. You can select which files you wish to download if you only want one akhand path recording. 041b061a72


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