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A Model Family (S01)

The North life table was fitted to (mostly) Scandinavian mortality data, while the South family of life tables were derived (mostly) from Mediterranean European populations and the East tables mostly from Eastern European sources.

A Model Family (S01)

At home, Cory's older brother Eric (Will Friedle) is lately more concerned with girls and his appearance than his younger brother. While Eric would evolve into a truly funny airhead/oddball, his character here in Season One is equally compelling and inherently likeable, even if he's quick to tease his younger brother. Cory's parents aren't always around, and they don't always see eye-to-eye with their children, but their genuine parental love comes through in conversations and punishments. Dad (William "Rusty" Russ) is the manager of a supermarket, who enjoys sports and spending time with his children. He's not perfect, but he is a role model to his son, and their relationship makes for some of the more poignant episodes. Mom (Betsy Randle) is a homemaker who also inspires Cory, and she apparently deals real estate on the side. There's also Cory's younger sister Morgan (Lily Nicksay), who provides a great number of laughs by being more than simply young and cute like other sitcoms, though she is both.With "Boy Meets World", there's no absurd twist or silly gimmick to rely on. Instead, the show entertains with its strong writing and well-developed characters. Cory is just an ordinary boy living in an ordinary suburban world like most American children. The viewer quickly embraces him as an everyman protagonist. We care for him and those around him that we come to know.The young leads of the cast feel real and believable, and not like polished actors in a glossy television universal, even if several would become icons in the world of teen magazines. In the early episodes here, they are carried by their charisma and charm.The first season spent a lot of time in the classroom and Mr. Feeny's lessons always were appropriately significant to what was going on in Cory's life. As the firm sixth grade teacher, William Daniels imparts much wisdom and is the moral center of the show. But rather than feeling like forced provider of values, Daniels sparks laughs and awe with his wry delivery and behavior.The family dynamics also ring of an authenticity, without the painless harmony of early television sitcoms and without the brooding overdramatization that marks less believable shows from the past decade or so, and would even negatively affect "Boy Meets World" in its last couple of seasons. At its heart, though, the show is a situation comedy, and in its premiere season, it never wavers from this format. The show manages to be sweet, but not sappy and ponderous but not overdramatic. Not with gimmicks, but with characters you care for, stories that involve, and genuinely funny comedy, "Boy Meets World" lasted seven seasons in primetime. In the years since, it's built an even greater following with those who are only now catching the show in reruns on Disney Channel and most recently, ABC Family.The show simply excels at being an earnest family sitcom, and in its premiere season, it succeeds with mostly realistic situations that spurn comedy and genuinely interesting stories. No matter what elements connect most with the viewer (comedy or characters, school life or family), there's something about "Boy Meets World" that works and works very well. And now, something that I never thought would come. The first season of Boy Meets World on DVD, in its entirety. This three-disc set from Disney provides all twenty-two episodes from the 1993-94 season in high quality, with care and a few enjoyable bonus features.A star () denotes my ten favorite episodes from the season. Disc 11. Pilot (23:09) (Originally aired September 24, 1993)In the pilot episode, Cory feels abandoned when his brother decides to take a girl instead of him to the most important Phillies game of the year and his parents are okay with that. Cory moves to the treehouse and instead of being at the game, he winds up in detention, being lectured by Mr. Feeny on love, and its unrivaled importance in Romeo and Juliet and in life.2. On the Fence (22:16) (Originally aired October 1, 1993)Everyone at school has a water gun except Cory, but when his parents won't buy him one, he looks for a job to raise the money. Cory learns the working world isn't all it's cut out to be, after agreeing to paint Mr. Feeny's shutters. 3. Father Knows Less (23:12) (Originally aired October 8, 1993)Cory's father wakes him up to watch a momentous late-night no-hitter on television. The next morning, Cory falls asleep and fails a test, and both father and son are quick to blame Mr. Feeny for not being more understanding.

Sometime later, Thurber, with his family, attend the exhibition at the gallery. To his shock and horror, the artwork of Pickman adorns the walls. He quickly finds Joe and finds him standing in front of one of the paintings, chanting in a strange and unknown language. As Joe turns around to face Thurber, he has mangled his face and sliced his left eye. Scared, for his family, Thurber runs away and finds them staring at one of the paintings, and immediately stops them.

Having raised by inexperienced parents, Alex learned to be extremely self-reliant at a young age. Phil even compared her to a self-cleaning oven ("Under Pressure"). Due to her stellar abilities, her parents also tend to pay less attention to her concerns in favor of her less capable siblings. Alex often breaks the fourth wall when her family discusses ridiculous ideas and she feels like the odd ball. In "Grill, Interrupted", her grandfather Jay confides in her that the family needs a leader and one day he will not be around to do it anymore. He is implying that in the future, she will be the one to keep the family in check. This is because she is the only one capable enough to do it.

She enjoys messing with her family when they are rude to her, which is fairly often, taking advantage of their inferior intellect by fooling them into believing unrealistic things. She once convinced Haley that she could charge electronics by rubbing the battery on her head, and Luke that he could do the same by holding it in his mouth ("En Garde"). As much as she enjoys torturing her brother and sister, she always has their backs. In "Undeck the Halls", she confesses to smoking even though she did not, just to bring back Christmas for them. In "Games People Play", Alex says she would have tutored Luke if she had known he was failing Pre-Algebra.

Claire is Alex's mother. Alex and Claire get along as well as any mother-daughter pair. They were implied to be close when she was younger but grew distant as she grows up, just like Haley, but they both still love each other. Alex is known to be the smartest of the family, so Claire doesn't have to take care of Alex as much as Alex needs to take care of her mother. She admits to having "fallen asleep at the wheel" when it comes to Alex ("Under Pressure"). In "Mistery Date", Claire inadvertently embarrasses Alex during her competition, and reacts badly to her consequent loss. She later tells Alex that she wants to be the mother who shows their smart kid off, as she can't do that with Haley or Luke. Claire eventually realizes that she doesn't want to become that kind of mother, but she still wants to support Alex in the best way that she can. As Alex grows up, however, Claire is shown to be more abrasive in the way she interacts with her daughter, such as in "White Christmas", where she and the other family members interpret Alex's sincere attempts at participating in the family celebrations as sarcasm. She also clearly struggles to accept Alex's sexuality, as evident in "Kids These Days" and "We Need to Talk about Lily".

"Express Christmas" As the family speeds off in different directions to make their express Christmas celebration a success, Mitchell is left with Alex to go and buy a Christmas tree with Lily. While together, they discover that they have a lot in common. "Lifetime Supply"

"iSpy" Alex has been secretly texting Mitchell about Claire, partly to discuss what type of wine to get her as a gift, and partly to laugh at her behind her back. When the family gathers at Haley's exhibition, Alex hugs Mitchell as a greeting, much to Claire's annoyance as she suspects that the two are hiding something from her.

Alec was Alex's boyfriend for an unknown amount of time in Season 6. He appears only in "Strangers in the Night". He is a model and Alex shows her parents a picture of him in a supermarket flyer which makes them believe she is making him up. He later shows up at her door and breaks up with her because his dad got transferred to Africa to work there as a baby heart surgeon. None of the Dunphy family believe he is real, until Alex shows she is not just a compulsive liar and goes out with the completely real Teddy Keys.

"Patriot Games" Alex is furious upon learning that she has been asked to be co-valedictorian with her all-time academic rival, Sanjay Patel. Due to having the same GPA as one another. Alex and Sanjay then decide to settle things with a physical test, in form of a race to determine who gets the valedictorian spot. Prior to the race, Sanjay goes over to Alex's house to confess his crush on her. Alex is flustered, but then convinced by her family that it was possibly a distraction. On the day of the race, Alex prepares for the race confidently, and tries to ignore Sanjay. Sanjay is then confused, as to why Alex is ignoring him. When the race starts Sanjay refuses to run. However, in front of their parents, Sanjay reveals that he doesn't care for the valedictorian spot, and that he cares more about Alex knowing his true feelings for her. He then expresses his embarrassment about his skinny legs--in which Alex tells him she likes, they then move towards each other, while exchanging compliments about each other. Alex then kisses Sanjay, who tells Alex competitively that he kisses better than her. Alex then strikes back and tells him she is destroying him and they continue to kiss. While Alex is in college, it is revealed that the two have broken up. 041b061a72


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