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Mahmood Kapustin
Mahmood Kapustin

Ashley - OF Double Bubble.mp4

  • All Witches Have Cats: Aunt Agatha is an evil witch that owns a cat.

  • Charm Person: Aunt Agatha places a spell on her sister's fiancé after trapping her sister on the other side of a mirror.

  • Eye of Newt: The twins overhear a group of witches discussing their methods of brewing potions. One of the witches can be heard asking another if she uses a microwave.

  • Literary Allusion Title: Comes from the Weird Sisters' song in Macbeth (Act IV, Scene I):Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. Also serves as a Pun-Based Title, since it's about twins. (Two sets of them, no less.)

  • Phantom-Zone Picture: The major conflict of the plot is the Farmer twins' attempts to free their Aunt Sofia from a mirror she was trapped in by her twin. This is somewhere between the third and fourth versions of the trope.

  • This Cannot Be!: Aunt Agatha says this almost word for word when the twins manage to bring her sister out of the mirror world.

  • Time-Shifted Actor: The Olsen twins also play Sophia and Agatha in a flashback to when Agatha first found the moonstone.

Ashley - OF Double Bubble.mp4

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