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Zombie Hospital Tycoon Mod APK: A Unique and Challenging Idle Management Game

The world is baffled by the outbreak of the virus. All city facilities have become ruins, and now zombies are raging everywhere. This causes a series of people to change and become infected with dangerous diseases. When you participate in Zombie Hospital, you must find a strategy, not to fight, but to find a way to cure a series of people infected with the virus. Find a cure for the zombies to turn them into humans. Are you ready for the stewardship and healing of all the peoples of this world? Become the idle hospital tycoon and start your job right now. In this idle clicker game you can manage staff, build and improve hospital wards, cure infected people. Provide paramedics with high-quality devices, expand the recreation area and equip the command post. Build your own hospital business empire!

Start your journey as head of a small hospital from scratch, build the first wards and wards, hire staff and the first scientists to immediately begin developing a vaccine against the virus. Take the first patients into the special wards, oversee the autonomous work of your staff, monitor the course of the patients' treatment and adjust it with your own interventions to make it even more effective. Improve the hospital, making it an effective centre for combating the zombie apocalypse, improving every department of the headquarters, expanding it by building new centres and entire complexes for staff as well as patients.

zombie hospital tycoon mod apk

Mod V2 features:Unlimited Money/DiamondZombie Hospital Tycoon v2.3.2 MOD APK is a game that allows players to run and manage their hospital during a zombie epidemic.The MOD APK version of this game provides unlimited money and diamonds, making it easier for players to build and upgrade their hospital facilities, hire staff, and treat patients in a timely manner.As the game progresses, players will encounter various challenges, including increasing numbers of infected patients and limited resources.With the unlimited money and diamonds in the MOD APK version, players can bypass these challenges and focus on building their ultimate hospital empire.The game's graphics and soundtrack add to the overall experience, making this a fun and engaging game for zombie and simulation enthusiasts.

In this hospital simulator a tiny handful of apocalyptic survivors united and built several safe settlements and shelters. By that time scientists made a medical breakthrough and found a treatment for the virus! Finally, we can beat the infection! Thanks to the therapy in special hospitals it is now available to bring zombies back to normal.

Are you ready to become a manager of one of these hospitals for zombies? In our simulator you will start with the small clinic and do your best to turn it into a modern healing complex building for the most dangerous patients in the world. Open new hospitals all over the globe to cure all zombies!

The world is baffled by the virus outbreak. All the facilities in the city have turned into ruins, and now, zombies have been unleashed everywhere. It causes a series of people to change and become infected with dangerous diseases. Participating in Zombie Hospital, you have to come up with a strategy, not to fight, but to find a way to cure a series of people infected with the virus. Find a cure to turn zombies back into humans. Are you ready for the management and healing of all the people in this world? Become the idle hospital tycoon and start his job right now. In this idle clicker game you can manage the staff, build and upgrade hospital departments, cure the infected. Provide paramedics with high-quality devices, expand the recreation area and equip the command post. Build your own hospital business empire!

An epidemic occurred that caused most of the people to become unwilling zombies. Bringing significant and severe consequences to this city. Now, when the epidemic is over, the recovery of the previous repercussions is on your shoulders. A critical task. You have discovered a new healing formula to restore the health of the villagers who turned into zombies. Avoid spreading widely throughout the region with significant global impact. Help them get back to their usual routine.

Zombie Hospital will bring players a fascinating experience when you become a tycoon who owns a sizeable medical area. You will have to start by operating a medical examination system. Asking for no loopholes can help patients recover quickly after the period of fighting with zombies. The remaining survivors in the city are searching for a method. To treat people who are infected in the town. This urgent needs you to do quickly to avoid spreading out of control. Your goal is to improve the health of as many zombie patients as possible.

Measures to heal and return the patient carrying the zombie disease back to normal. Has been allowed by Zombie Hospital for players to use. The game provides different resources or areas for players to focus on saving zombies. You will experience the process of researching new technologies to improve zombie healing results. Pay close attention to the individual condition of each patient. To be able to assign them to separate areas for better care promptly. To ensure good treatment as well as care for patients. It would help if you also considered hiring additional staff in charge of each stage in the hospital. Leading technologies, as well as treasures, help hospital management. It will bring you incredible discovery.

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The world has changed long ago. Buildings turned into ruins and bloodthirsty zombies walk through the empty streets. The dangerous virus pandemic spread all over the planet in a switch and now it's your deal to manage with the impact. Everybody wants to kill zombies, but you will cure them in this idle zombie hospital tycoon game. Download now the MOD APK of Zombie Hospital - Idle Tycoon for free, only at!

Might it be said that you are prepared to turn into a mogul chief in one of these emergency clinics for zombies? In our test system game, you will begin with the little facility and give a valiant effort to transform it into a cutting-edge, recuperating complex structure for the riskiest patients on the planet. Make new inactive emergency clinics all around the globe to fix all strolling dead!

An interesting simulated placement and management game. In the game, the zombie crisis is successfully controlled. You will run a hospital that treats zombies. You need to take various measures to ensure safety. The little doctor enters an area invaded by zombies. All he has to do is save the survivors and heal the zombies.

"Zombie Hospital - Idle Tycoon" is a unique simulation management game. Players will play the role of a hospital director, and run and manage a hospital dedicated to treating zombie patients in a city invaded by zombie viruses.

In the game, players need to establish and manage all aspects of the hospital, including recruiting doctors, nurses and other staff, expanding the hospital's facilities, upgrading equipment and medicines, handling patient diagnosis and treatment, and managing the hospital's finances and resources. Players also need to interact with other NPC characters to complete quests, unlock new areas and features, attract more patients and earn more income.

A special element in the game is the treatment and management of zombie patients. Players need to diagnose and treat various types of zombie patients, including different degrees of infection, zombie virus variants, and advanced zombie leaders. Players can research new drugs and vaccines, upgrade equipment and skills to improve treatment effects, reduce patient mortality, and maintain hospital operating efficiency.

In addition, the game also provides idle (Idle) gameplay. Even when offline, the hospital will continue to operate. Players can continue to earn income and experience points through reasonable settings for automatic operation and resource management. Players can also discover the city's secrets and rescue survivors by unlocking new areas and features.

"Zombie Hospital - Idle Tycoon" brings players an exciting and interesting simulation management game experience with its unique zombie treatment and management elements, rich management and development content, and the characteristics of idle gameplay.

The game context takes place after the global pandemic crisis. At this time, most of the people turned into zombies and roamed everywhere. The few remaining survivors formed new settlements and shelters. Then some scientists found a cure for zombies. Now they need a special hospital to manage the zombie group and defeat the infection. You are assigned to this hospital management role. Your job is to manage the hospital to rescue zombies in the city.

At the beginning of the game, you only have an empty area and a small amount of capital. You need to start building facilities to bring the hospital into operation as soon as possible. Specifically, you need to build rooms, corridors, toilets, canteens, living areas, gardens, and additional necessary equipment. Regarding the room system, you need to build many different rooms from emergency rooms and laboratories to treatment rooms, warehouses, and more. Of course, you also need the front desk to receive patients.

In terms of equipment, the game offers many different items, serving the medical examination and treatment process. However, in each stage, you need to consider buying the right items. Remember, the right spending will help the hospital grow faster. Besides the rooms and equipment, you also need to invest in water, electricity, and continuous upgrades. When there are more patients, you also need more room. Moreover, the equipment always needs to be improved over time.

There is no limit to upgrade progression in this game. That is, you can upgrade as much as you want, as long as you have enough resources and cash. There are many things that need to be upgraded from the number of rooms and equipment to staff, premises, and more. You also need to upgrade staff qualifications to promote personnel quality. Better doctors will cure faster, better scientists will make more and better medicines. Focus on the important aspects of your hospital.


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