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Israel Biryukov
Israel Biryukov

[S5E8] Sharp Objects

The Toxin Exposed Man is an unnamed individual who lived in the sewers of Gotham City. When Jeremiah Valeska's toxin from Ace Chemicals poisoned the Gotham River, this man was heavily affected and began mutating into a reptile-like creature with sharp claws and pointed teeth. His skin turned into leather and he was driven mad when the chemicals damaged his brain irreversibly.

[S5E8] Sharp Objects


This man was once an ordinary human, but when he came into contact with the dangerous chemicals that poisoned the Gotham River following the Ace Chemicals incident,[2] his body began mutating. His skin was burned by the chemicals and transformed into a red, leathery material. His teeth and finger nails became sharp and pointed, which he would then use as a dangerous weapon to kill the people that entered the Gotham Sewers. Overall, his physical appearance now resembled that of a humanoid crocodile or similar reptile creature.[3] 041b061a72


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