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How To Use Fabrication CAMduct 2006 For Efficient Ductwork Manufacturing

What is Fabrication CAMduct 2006?

Fabrication CAMduct 2006 is a software product that helps you create fabrication-intent models of ductwork systems using comprehensive libraries of 3D parametric fixtures and fittings. You can use Fabrication CAMduct 2006 to dimension and develop parts within seconds, using manufacturer-specific content to generate accurate estimates and material lists. You can also use Fabrication CAMduct 2006 to produce sheet metal components and control the manufacturing production line, with support for all common seaming and flanging systems. Fabrication CAMduct 2006 also allows you to generate reports, labels, and barcodes for tracking and managing the status of each item.

How to use Fabrication CAMduct 2006 for efficient ductwork manufacturing

What are the benefits of Fabrication CAMduct 2006?

Fabrication CAMduct 2006 offers several benefits for MEP contractors and fabricators, such as:

  • Improved efficiency: Fabrication CAMduct 2006 incorporates multiple entry methods, customizable screen layouts, and clear informative fitting graphics to make job entry efficient, flexible, and simple. You can also use Fabrication CAMduct 2006 to automate nesting and cutting processes, reducing waste and optimizing sheet utilization.

  • Increased accuracy: Fabrication CAMduct 2006 uses parametric fittings that automatically allocate flange and seams based on your specification. The additional material required is automatically added to the flat sheet developments, including connector notch and fold-marker notch details. You can also use manufacturer-specific content to generate better estimates and avoid errors.

  • Enhanced quality: Fabrication CAMduct 2006 helps you create more accurate detailed models for installation, with tight integration to BIM and CAD design workflows and deliverables. You can also use Fabrication CAMduct 2006 to produce high-quality sheet metal components that meet manufacturing requirements.

  • Better control: Fabrication CAMduct 2006 helps you control ductwork manufacturing production through a combination of innovative tools. You can generate reports for almost everything, such as worksheets for part assembly, delivery labels, workshop reports, management reports, stock control reports, BOMs, etc. You can also integrate Fabrication CAMduct 2006 with third-party ERP/MRP systems for seamless data exchange.

How can I get Fabrication CAMduct 2006?

If you are interested in getting Fabrication CAMduct 2006 software, you can contact Autodesk or one of their authorized resellers. You can also download a free trial version of Fabrication CAMduct 2006 from Autodesks website to test its features and capabilities before buying. Alternatively, you can buy Fabrication CADmep as part of the Architecture Engineering Construction Collection (AEC Collection), which includes other useful tools that support projects from early-stage design all the way through to construction.


Fabrication CAMduct 2006 is a powerful software solution that can help you design, fabricate, and install HVAC and ductwork systems with efficiency, accuracy, quality, and control. It is part of the Autodesk Fabrication suite, which provides an integrated set of tools for MEP specialty contractors. If you want to learn more about Fabrication CAMduct 2006 or other Autodesk products, you can visit their website or contact their sales team. 04f6b60f66


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