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Groin Tarasov
Groin Tarasov

Old Friends And New Enemies Torrent

Commisar Danilov: I've been such a fool, Vassili. Man will always be a man. There is no new man. We tried so hard to create a society that was equal, where there'd be nothing to envy your neighbour. But there's always something to envy. A smile, a friendship, something you don't have and want to appropriate. In this world, even a Soviet one, there will always be rich and poor. Rich in gifts, poor in gifts. Rich in love, poor in love.

Old Friends And New Enemies Torrent

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During the Vague invasion, Torrent remained neutral, resuming his usual activities. Following Ottzello's quarantine, Torrent watched and profited out of the War Economy, but overall did not have a major role in it. When the Wrath of Gods began, Torrent reluctantly allied with his former enemies to defeat the Seagon Empire, the Alvino Brood and the Devourer's Chosen and the Borealis Grox Empire. After this, the Shards were turned into the Chronoscopic Orb, which Volim stole from the Polar Crystal Alliance.

Torrent was a merciless and cold hearted individual who was extremely power-hungry. After the death of Volim, he revealed his true colours, having been under the General mostly out of power hunger, though he admitted liking Volim's company after a while. Torrent had a very corrupt code of honour which he only followed when facing a worthy opponent such as Genrai Nal. With his enemies, Torrent was cruel and menacing, especially toward his arch-nemesis Vekaron. Torrent had a large degree of distaste toward Essence and Essence users, always referring to it as "space magic".

Torrent had nanomachines through his body which gave him unnatural physical strength which made him on par with Kicathian Agents. His nanomachines allowed him to harden specific parts of his body at will, making them tough enough to survive tremendous amount of punishment without being damaged. Torrent had also enhanced his brain, giving him the ability to read his enemies' movements, so he could know when to activate his nanomachines. Upon being damaged, these nanomachines were also capable of self-repair, making them constantly useful for combat. As a disadvantage, however, Torrent required full attention as the nanomachines were activating via thought. When deactivated, Torrent had the physical prowess of a normal Kvargo and could be quickly damaged. In addition, the nanomachines offered no real protection against Essence and psychic powers other than enhanced fortitude.

If you want to create positive change in your life or have a habit you want to break, friends can help you maintain your resolve to practice healthier habits. This may be one reason why strong friendships can lengthen your life.

Your friends might also support your choices by making changes with you. If you want to join a gym or start running, for example, having an exercise buddy can encourage you to stick with it until it becomes part of your routine.

This study, which looked at resilience in more than 2,000 adolescents between the ages of 14 and 24, found evidence to suggest friendship strongly predicted resilience, or the ability to recover after distressing experiences.

If you find it difficult to keep up multiple friendships, consider focusing on the ones that really matter to you. Many people lack the time and emotional energy to nurture numerous close friendships.

So, Joe Bove, Mike Costa, Dave Dickerman, Sean McCabe, Sean Qualls, Jeff Rosenstock and JT Turret made this record. Steve Foote put a lot into recording and mixing this thing. God bless him, yo. Alan Douches of West West Side Mastering mastered this record and apparently came down with a wicked cold immediately after. Sorry, Alan! Jeff wrote the songs and the words and stuff and then everybody said what they thought and now the songs sound better. Chris Baltrus actually wrote most of the music on track 9 and track 10. Track 10 was also written by Steve Connolly, and this was like back in 1998. Seriously. Dave McWane appears on track 9 courtesy of Big D and the Kids Table. Stu Parnes played tuba on this, James Lynch played upright bass and Bill from the Superspecs lent us his baritone sax. We sang the gang vocals and so did Jenna Beatty, Marie Capasso, John DeDomenici, James Doyle, Renee Jorisch, Christine Mackie, Dave Ringel, Joe Werfelman, Chris Valentino, some members of Dave Dickerman's extended family and some dudes from some band who busted in on our recording session. The cover photo was taken by Joelle Andres. The artwork was put together by Jeff Rosenstock for Twin Cuts. Our band has not been used to help from people, so having a thank you list that doesn't consist of "mom, dad, girlfriends" is kinda new to us. So first off we would like to thank of parents for being surprisingly supportive of our obnoxious music. We would also like to thank our friends, girlfriends and other family for putting up with us having to leave all the time and coming back expecting drinks. Everyone in Big D and the Kids Table deserves a hug the next time you see them. Sorry to the staff at the Downtown for getting laid off a few months ago, most of you have been pretty nice and responded better to our bullshit than most other places. Andy and Ethan of Kill Normal have the patience of saints. Nori and Graham at Dude Records are probably the finest dudes in Japan. Oh yeah, thanks to Beret!, Backseat Conceptions, Code of tha Cutz, Asbestos Records, Arielle Bilelak, Chris Candy and Middagh Goodwin for helping us sneak on to the Warped Tour two years ago. Streetlight Manifesto, The Know How, I Voted For Kodos, One Fan Band, Catch-22, The Suicide Machines, Suburban Legends, iMusicast, Studio Seven, Chris Murray, Murphy's Kids, Jackmove, Ben from Knoxville, The Ninjas, Odd Arnie, Westbound Train, Never Heard of It, Destruction Made Simple, Taj Motel Trio, Long Shot Hero, Mustard Plug, Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine, The Keepaway, High School Football Heroes, The Fad, The Superspecs, Patent Pending, Jade Fire, Harold's Trousers and the Flaming Tsunamis have all showed us the best time a band could see on the road and/or bummed us smokes while we were home and broke. I can't imagine we remembered 20% of the people who have supported us the past few years, so sorry we forgot to let you see your name in print. So that's it, guys. Thanks for sticking it out with us, we hope you enjoyed it. Oh yeah, Mike uses Pro-Mark sticks. Thanks, Pro-Mark. The biggest possible thanks go to Steve Foote for working harder than anyone I've ever seen so we could have a good sounding album. The second biggest thanks go to Algernon Quashie for working his ass off on the first recording of this and not getting mad when we had to re-record it because we played it badly. This album is dedicated in loving memory of Lauren Connolly and Jay Bennett whose names I'm sure I misspelled thus undoing this dedication. Sorry, you two. We love you and miss you more every day. It also goes out to Dan Lang-Gunn, without whom this would NOT be possible. Keep fightin', dude. You're not missing much... just bad emo. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

When this record was released we played three CD release shows that were to hopefully jump start the band or us being friends again after a slightly nasty fallout. At the end of the third one we all wanted to hang out and get a beer together, but we were obligated to sign like 200 posters for some fucking pre-order special that merch direct did. As we sat around signing shit instead of actually enjoying our accomplishment that we spent fucking YEARS on, spending time with our friends and relaxing... well, at that point I think we all knew that this was never gonna be a band again 'cause this is what being in this band would be like. I'm really happy to say we're all still buddies and definitely happy to see each other if we haven't for a while. And I'm pretty happy that after all this time, I'm still pretty pumped on this record.

So let's chat a little bit, shall we? We were psyched that Steve Foote had offered to record us in Boston over the summer of 2004. His band had been on the Warped Tour on and off, and whenever he was home we drove up to Boston in our van, got a lot of parking tickets and lived in sleeping bags in Moontower Studios in Allston. We didn't even shower and it was kinda gross, and I'm not even sure we were supposed to live there, but about a month or so later we had 95% of a record. The great thing about Moontower was the bookshelf was filled with random instruments and we did our best to have them all somewhere on the album, even if it was shit that we didn't know how to use like the Kaos Pad. So back to that 95%... there were one or two parts that we didn't have time to do up in Boston, so I recorded some sax, percussion and vocal parts in various bathrooms, bedrooms and friends' practice spaces. One thing worth noting was that the gang vocals were recorded in a party atmosphere. We got a case or two of beer, invited all of our friends down and we had a very difficult time getting things done, but I still feel like it's important for a band to actually have a good time on a record... even if that meant some slurring.

Well, I lied to you again. I said I wanted to be friends and I said that it would never end but I was out before it began. I bit my nails and wrote away, I had been waiting for the day that it was the end.

Are you happy now? Yeah, you got what you wanted, you got your third second chance and saved the fifteen dollars out of your pocket. My last will and testament will claim you shall get stoned to shit at my big funeral, 'cause I'll be gone tomorrow. You'll talk to your new shiny friends and you'll lie when you claim to care.

Exhausted all the things I've loved and tortured myself. Can I just be happy? When everybody jumps on everything I said and everybody's telling me that we're best friends, I'd rather be dead or dying.

I woke up today to think about a dream I had, a dream I left so far away. Ten seconds pass. And as I think, twenty minutes pass. I've failed my mission. I'm a waste of life, a waste of mind. Where's my ambition. Chalk up one girlfriend + two broken cars + my band + friends are nothing more than parting shots not taken. Look how jaded I can be!


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