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Descarga Adobe Air APK para Android y disfruta de sus ventajas

Our mobile application requires adobe air to work. when our clients download our applications from google play, it requires them to download and install adobe air to finish installation. Starting Wednesday, We received so many complaints that clients receive "adobe does not exist" on google play.

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I can continue to develop on my existing devices that has adobe air already installed before adobe air is taken down from play store. What I have problem with as state above is with NEW devices. As per mentioned above, I downloaded and installed the apk from the given link in a new device, but whenever I tried to debug using Flash Builder, it just keep prompting me to install the latest AIR in my device. I already had it installed in that new device, but it seems that that installation is not getting recognized by flash builder since flash builder kept prompting me to install it. As for as I know Flash builder only let me choose the run time when I am to export a release build. Do you know how to choose run time during debug mode so as to resolve this issue?

Why is everything adobe does is so clever? How I can enter such long address in my phone browser? I can download the file onto my comp and download it, but it refused by my android phone browser. Says that file is not found 404.

Todo lo que necesitas para instalar esta app es descargar el archivo que encontrarás a continuación y guardarlo en tu dispositivo. Entonces vas a poder disfrutar con un entorno realmente sencillo para programar tus apps y juegos muy fácilmente!

For each extension, added catalog.xml and library.swf into a ZIP file, and renamed the ZIP extension to SWC (e.g.: Then, placed the SWC file inside the respective extension's directory.

Inside each extension's directory in the APK, there is a path META-INF/ANE/ where the file extension.xml and other files can be found (e.g.: /assets/META-INF/AIR/extensions/ I placed all the files inside these directories in the directories of the respective extensions that I created in the bin directory. For the com.chartboost.plugin.air extension, for example, this is what the directory structure looks like:

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