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Groin Tarasov
Groin Tarasov

Men Behaving Badly

Between their typically laddish pursuits - lager, football and women - the two attempt to woo and impress the girls in their lives, despite a lack of cash, sophistication and enthusiasm. If these boys behaving badly ever grow up, they might just stand a chance.

Men Behaving Badly

Oddly enough, the reason representatives of both Bateman and Eldard gave for their departures is that the "Men" aren't behaving "Badly" enough. Both apparently expected the show to be more like the outrageously crude British series on which it is based and both say they're unhappy with the tamer American version.

At the Supreme Court last week, during the argument in Oncale v. Sundowner Offshore Services, the justices seemed skeptical of the shipping company's claim that same-sex harassment could never be illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Joseph Oncale, the oil-rig roustabout whose supervisor allegedly put his penis on Oncale's head, had sued for harassment, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit held that sexual harassment doesn't include men behaving badly with other men. Oncale may have been harassed because he seemed weak or vulnerable, or because his supervisor was gay; but he wasn't harassed because he was a man. This didn't go over well with the Court: If a Jew can discriminate against a Jew, Justice Breyer asked, why can't a man discriminate against a man?

From ESPN abruptly canceling a deal with Barstool Sports over growing criticism of the controversial sport media outlet's sexist content, to New Orleans celebrity chef John Besh stepping down from the company he founded over sexual harassment allegations lodged against him and other male employees, the nation's tolerance for men behaving badly has reached an all-time low.

Normally this incident wouldn't make such an impression on me, but I had a basinful of football crassness last weekend. On the Sky soccer awards on Sunday night, a propor tion of the badly-behaved audience consistently booed the winners and catcalled the women, while it was clear from the patchy seat occupancy in the Wembley Arena that hoity-toity... 041b061a72


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